4 Scientific Explanation Why You Are Not Willing To Dispose Of Goods

Have you ever cleaned the room or storage unit with office space, then found an old diary from you little? Or find things that are not used, but you are not willing to throw it away?

Indeed, we must not self-diagnose before getting an official statement from a psychologist. However, it could be the signs of hoarding disorder! Check out the scientific explanation of why you are not willing to throw away things!

1. You think, this thing can still be fixed, so don’t throw it away
When cleaning, you find a jacket that has a broken zipper and a slightly loose stitch. You feel sorry to throw it away because you feel it can still be fixed. As a result, you keep the jacket in the closet and forget it as time goes by.

So that this habit is not repeated, you better donate the jacket to other people who intend to seriously fix it. Or give yourself a deadline to fix it if you can fix it yourself. So, there are no obsolete items piled up in the closet.

2. You think, maybe one day you will need it
What are the other reasons why you are not willing to throw away things? You think that one day you will need the item. For example, you are not willing to throw clothes that are too small, because you think one day you can use them again. The condition of your body now, and a few months ago may have changed.

3. It is from someone special
Do you still keep gift items from your ex? Even though your relationship is over, you still take good care of the gift items. One reason you are not willing to throw away things is that they have special memories.

It doesn’t matter if you still have enough room to store it. However, if your room or house is full, it’s good to give it to someone else. Another option, you can return the item to the giver and apologize if you can’t save it anymore.

4. You think this item might someday be sold
There are piles of clothes in your closet, but you are not willing to get rid of them. Because you think that clothes can still be sold at garage sales or sell them as preloved stuff. But, you never realize it, so that it piles up and makes the house more crowded.

There are two ways to overcome them. First, give a deadline when you will sell it, either directly or through a digital marketplace. Second, if you fail to meet the deadline, donate the item immediately to someone who is more in need.

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