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Tips For Playing Cruiser Skateboard For Beginners

There are some tips that you use to play the cruiser skateboard as a beginner. This game is one type of sport that can also be used as a hobby. To get started, consider some of the tips below:

1. Skateboarding Equipment
The first thing you have to do is have a standard set of cruiser skateboard. Indeed sports like this are quite expensive. But you can buy skateboard equipment one by one, for example, you buy a truck or deck first. but if you just want to try it you can buy a skateboard set.

The second thing, you have to use skate shoes and helmets. Skate shoes that are suitable for playing skateboarding are shoes that are made with a flat and large base so that they can step on the skateboard board properly, otherwise, it can reduce the risk of injury.

2. Balance and Attitude
Familiarize yourself with the cruiser skateboard until you feel comfortable. You can do this on a lawn, making sure each of your two feet is right behind the skateboard deck.

There are two ways of standing on a skateboard, namely Goofy (Attitude with right foot forward) and Regular (Attitude with left foot forward).

Determining the position where you feel comfortable is the most important. Don’t decide your position by imitating your friends. Explore whatever you feel comfortable because a person’s ability cannot be borrowed, right. So decide for yourself.

You can choose a general position that is usually used in skating with the left foot forward or an unusual position with the right foot in front. Some people can find comfort by pushing a skateboard on foot, not with the heel. Determine the most comfortable and easy position that helps maintain balance and the rate of your movement.

3. Pushing, Turning and Braking Skateboards
Pushing a skateboard is easy it’s hard, first take your position on the skateboard board. Now imagine that you are walking. Put one of your feet back and start pushing. Then return your feet to their original position when you roll forward. After feeling comfortable, start pushing harder and bending your knees so that you can balance your body well. Don’t worry and be afraid, but you must be brave and have high guts.

When you practice pushing a skateboard by bending your knees, try to shift your weight to the right side to turn left. And slide your weight to the left side to turn right. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but don’t worry because that’s when your determination and confidence will help.

If you don’t learn how to put the brakes on a skateboard, you will go too far and bump yourself into something. Every time you get stuck in a situation like this, try to release your back foot and leave it on the ground. You can also use your legs if you feel more comfortable. How to use a limb is to drag the ground to the ground, with the front half foot still on the board. Practice the above until you can be perfect.

After you are proficient with the steps mentioned above, you can start practicing some skateboarding tricks like Ollie. Ollie is a basic trick, if you have mastered ollie then you can use tricks like kickflip, heelflip, 50-50, etc.