Teaching Children To Be Appreciative Of Bees

Through a birthday celebration, children can learn to appreciate the results of parents’ efforts, and appreciate a birthday party that has been realized by their parents. And you could also help your kid to appreciate nature and environment with https://usemybee.com/product-category/toys-and-games/. A birthday party is a great event to help your children realize their importance and also everything around them, including bees. The lively color of the decoration will also help the party more interesting and impressive.

Although including insects that are not very friendly to humans and many children fear their sting, you need to help children understand that bees are still one of the insects that are quite widely cultivated in various parts of the world. One of the goals of bees raised is of course to take honey that has many good properties for the human body. Thousands of species of bees spread on the face of the earth and have stopped and confirmed their role as seed dispersers and take flower extracts other than butterflies. But no doubt the presence of bees in human life is often feared because the insect likes to sting that makes the skin feel itchiness and then bumps appear on the skin. It also makes humans not infrequently spray insecticide to expel and even kill the honey-producing insects.

Bees as seed-dispersing insects that contribute to plant life, including flowers. The effects of insect repellent liquid that is sprayed continuously for the bees can make their populations increasingly disappear. Then, what happens if all the bee population disappears without a trace? If we talk about the fate of the environment when bees disappear from the face of the earth, one of the most pronounced impacts is the environmental ecosystem of plants which is increasingly decreasing. Coupled with the number of flowers and plants that die because there is no contribution from bees which usually pollinate the plants to be able to breed properly. By educating our children about the importance of bees we have contributed to protecting the bee population and of course keeping honey accessible for everyone.

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