These Factors Make Laptop’s Battery Break Faster

Unplugging the battery and leave it at full capacity is almost the same as leaving the laptop when the battery is weak. Laptop batteries should not be left very long, especially when the capacity in the battery is empty or is full because it can reduce battery life. This happens very often because there are other articles on the internet that suggest unplugging your battery when the battery is not in use, the article is actually true but the battery should not be used for too long. If your battery is damaged, we recommend you call Computer Repair Los Angeles.

In addition, the use of laptops while being recharged is very common among laptop users today. Perhaps the result is that laptop users can’t wait until the batteries are full so they use it when the battery is charging. That causes the battery to have a shorter battery life.

On the other hand, when the laptop is not weak or you can say there are still many times to never charge it, for example, your laptop battery is in 80% state, do not charge it when it is still a lot, but just charge it when the battery condition is indeed weak or around 10%. Batteries generally have 300 to 500 charging cycles, which means they can be charged up to 300-500 times. By the time we plug the charger into our laptops, then it has lost one charging cycle, after reaching the last cycle, usually, the laptop battery will decrease its durability and will be damaged.

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