Turning On John Deere Machine After A Long Time

John Deere is one of the most popular brands in the agricultural industry. However, like any other machine, it needs proper maintenance and uses to make sure it will last for a long time. And john deere technical manuals free download you could fix any problem you face with ease. One of the most common problems occurs is when the machine won’t turn on after not being operated for a long time. You could try to turn the engine manually by turning the flywheel with a sock key or ring lock on the flywheel bolt, if there is a hole in the flywheel housing you can use a lever or slike bar. Rotating the flywheel should be more than 2 rounds so that we are sure that the engine unit is not stuck.

Remove the cover protector turbocharger and air filter. Turn the turbo blades to make sure the turbo doesn’t get stuck because there have been many incidents of the unit that has been stuck in the water for a long time and this causes the turbo to rust and get stuck. After that, make sure the condition of the lubricating oil is good if necessary to replace the lubricating oil and oil filter because it is too long to worry about the oil filter being weathered and the oil is damaged. Check the condition of the cooling water on the heat exchanger, fire pump units rarely use ordinary radiators, mostly using the type of coolant that uses heat exchangers, which relies on pumped water to dissipate heat in the cooling water.

Prepare the fuel line and the solution, don’t forget to exhaust the fuel injection pump by manually pumping the priming pump. Prepare the starting system, for running the workshop, it is enough to use 1 12Volt 200AH battery, if later at the site a fire pump unit must use 2 starts because this unit must always be ready in case of a fire. After everything is ready, then the unit is ready, then the unit is started, try to start empty without fule, or the cable that the selenoid fuel supply is removed first, this serves to give the lubricant a chance to lubricate the parts inside the cylinder head and in parts that require lubrication.

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